OSHEE Vitamin Energy

OSHEE Vitamin Energy

Vitamin Energy Formula is a sparkling vitamin drink, through which your body receives a 100% of daily demand for particular vitamins/minerals. Apart from the vitamin function, it also provides your body with energy through monosacharides and guarana extract. Unlike any other energy drink on the market, it does not include taurine, often considered as “unhealthy”.

OSHEE VITAMIN ENERGY – MAGNESIUM + vitamin B6 (250ml tin can)

Magnesium is very important mineral needful for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

OSHEE VITAMIN ENERGY – VITAMINS + Minerals (250ml tin can)

Vitamins and minerals are actively involved in metabolism and support the body’s biochemical balance.

OSHEE VITAMIN ENERGY – VITAMIN C + calcium, vitamin D (250ml tin can)

Vitamin C strengthens immunity system and expedites the recovery from various infections. Calcium salts and vitamin D help to maintain strong bones and teeth.

OSHEE VITAMIN ENERGY ZERO – MAGNESIUM + vitamins and minerals (250ml tin can) Sugar free.

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